• From the moment you walk through the door and out onto the decking overlooking the stunningly beautiful view to the pool and ocean you know you have entered a paradise like nowhere else. It is an amazing place and like everyone else says, the photos don’t do it justice. We had a big family group stay at the resort for my wife’s birthday. 14 guests in all, using up 5 rooms and it still felt so spacious. The Villas are incredible with views of the ocean from every room. The pool is a wonderful oasis from the heat and you can hang over the edge of the pool all day just looking out at the view of the beach which is right at your feet. Esteven the in-house chef does an incredible job of feeding the guests with freshly cooked pancakes, omelets, scrambled eggs, and fresh fruit for breakfast, the most delicious 5 course evening meals, with each night an exciting mystery to see what he had in store for us next. The staff was wonderful . Very unintrusive but efficient in maintaining the place. They even did our laundry each day which was included in their services. Each night they would arrange for a wonderful masseuse to come to the resort with each of us taking turns to get fantastic massages. And we had access to a big bus to drive all 14 of us around. Although we felt that we were the only ones on the planet because the 3.5 acre property was situated in the middle of the jungle, we were really on 10 minutes away from everything. There is a pulparia for quick grocery items, and a liquor store within walking distance. Access to the beach is cut off during high tide but most of the time we could walk for miles mostly with our feet in the soft sand and warm beach water. There is a really great beach bar in town where all the surfers hang out and fun to have a few beers and very cheap lunch. We rented a couple of bikes for the week which were delivered to the villa making it fun to ride through the small village of Canaza, only about 2 minutes away. We really enjoyed just slowing down and escaping to The Whale Resort. We spent a lot of time just lazing by the pool watching the monkeys cruising through the trees above us, as we ate and drank too much. The perfect getaway. We will never forget out time at The Whale Resort. This vacation will be hard to top!

    Thank you Mike and Barb for being wonderful hosts. You have an amazing piece of paradise. Thank you for sharing it with our family!

    Mark and Lisa Henderson

    Saint Albans city, Vermont



    Last April a most generous client rented out the resort for me and my team for three days. We were hired to conduct a photo-shoot and the client specifically chose The Whale Resort due to its outstanding scenery. And certainly it was truly the best option. The resort gives us access to a jungle, a beach, the ocean, pools, and not to mention the beautifully crafted homes. This job doubled as one of the best vacations we have ever had. There were ten of us and the place was evidently big enough for more. Honestly, the hardest part of the job was choosing where to shoot first. Every inch of the place was attractive beyond words; parallel to or even surpassing the beauty of our models. As a photographer, the place was truly a paradise to me. It filled every single one of my senses with pleasant calmness. We have nothing but praises for the place! After every pictorial session we are very pleased to arrive to a wonderful feast prepared by an outstanding chef. When the day ends we are always glad to retire to our rooms. The mattress seems to relieve us of all the stress built up in our bodies for the day. The stylist, Jenny, didn’t have much trouble at all. The resort maid was always there to give her assistance in washing, folding, and even ironing the clothes that will be needed for the shoot. The concierge knew all of the best spots and he even gave us a tour. The entire resort staff was outstanding just like the resort itself, I would personally give them a five star. Me and my team would like to commend Mike and Barb, the owners, for their unparallelled hospitality. They were always there to check on us and see if there is anything we need or if there is anything they can help us with. I must say, these two should serve as a model to other resort owners. They’re very hands-on in managing their resort. In those three short days that we’ve stayed there they’ve treated us like family and it is truly an experience that I would never forget. I look forward to returning to the resort as soon as possible.

    William B.

    Detroit, Michigan

    Go Blue!


  • We stayed here for a week and loved it. The area surrounding the home is non-touristy, natural, serene, and private, situated amidst the tropical forest and along the shoreline. The home is newly renovated, tastefully decorated, secure, and very comfortable for a family to spread out, hang out, and enjoy. (more…)

    Livia K. -

    We stayed here in the beginning of March with our 2 children (20 months and 3 &1/2) and our good friends with their 2 year old. We had such an amazing time and the house was absolutely perfect for all ages. There was plenty of room for 4 adults and 3 little girls. The master bedroom was phenomenal, the master bath was perfect! (more…)

    Jonathan C. -

  • We just got back from an amazing Costarican adventure with our three kids, 13, 11, and 8. My husband and I have been to the Osa peninsula 4 times but this was the first trip with the kids so we decided to rent a house. We had the most wonderful time at the Whale Resort! It definitely exceeded our expectations! This is a gem of a place with the best ambiance around.


    Jon, Lisa and Family - Canada

    We’ve been to Costa Rica before but this was our first trip to the Osa. WOW the wildlife was incredible and we never had to leave the house to see it. This was the first time we ever stayed directly on the beach, sooo fortunate to find La Resort Ballena. This house was amazing. You could tell that it has been newly renovated – everything was brand new and so fresh and clean.


    Meghan, New York - The Whale House

  • I’ve had a lot of cool vacations but this one took the cake. Nothing like lifting your head from the pillow and all you see is the water. The surroundings were invigorating, but felt very relaxing too. I was swimming and watching dolphins at the same time. It was kind of like Gilligan’s Island with A/C, daily cleaning services, and a chef! Needless to say, the fish was VERY fresh!

    Ian R, Florida - The Whale House

    I am recommending “The Whale Resort” as a fabulous destination vacation. The house was amazing. It was right on the beach and there wasn’t a bad view from anywhere. We had A/C when we weren’t swimming, but there was almost always a nice breeze coming off of the ocean too.


    Jay, Texas - The Whale Resort

  • All the comforts of home and secluded privacy. It felt like we were on our own private fantasy island. Monkeys eating out of our hands, Toucans, Scarlet Macaws, Orchids, there is even a Tilapia farm on the property, so if you wanted to catch your own fish, they will cook it up for you! This whole place was mind blowing. Hard to put it in to words. Magical. Just sitting here writing this review is taking me back, and giving me that blissful feeling all over again. Enough said, already planning for 2015.

    Rob & Cortny, Ohio - The Whale House