Costa Rica Family Vacations


Looking For A Family Friendly Vacation

The Whale Resort is a perfect place for your family to go on an all-exclusive vacation. You and you family will be able to enjoy the entirety of The Whale Resort all to yourselves. The privacy allows you to have a fun-filled time without the crowds getting in your way.

Talking about crowds, don’t you hate it when you go to a pool at a hotel or resort and it is just crowded with people. Well, hate no more. We offer not one, but two pools on our grounds that you are able to access whenever you please. This will allow you and your family to relax poolside or dive right in without any noise or interruptions like a hotel or other resorts would have.

Hungry, Why Wait?

Our beautiful resort comes with a magnificent chef that will make you mouth watering meals. You don’t have to wait in line at a restaurant or wait long periods for room service. You get meals that will make you coming back wanting more.

If you would like to cook your own meals instead we have a fully stocked kitchen that will allow you to make meals yourself. You are able to use our kitchen at your leisure.


Dad and Mom Sore From A Long Exciting Day?

I am pleased to announce that you will be able to get a phenomenal massage from our top of the line masseuse. You will get to hear the birds chirp and the ocean waves while getting an amazing massage. What a way to just calm down and relax!


Wildlife Galore

Ever think you would ever see monkeys in their original habitat, or toucans flying around? Well, now you don’t have to dream anymore. The Whale Resort is surrounded by animals in their habitat being what God intended them to be. You will not have to see a monkey caged up but see it playing in the trees or eating food it found. Pretty cool I would say.

Also, we offer a whale watching package  where you and your family can go on an amazing journey to see live whales in the Osa Pennusila. Watch whales jump out of the water or come near your boat. It is something that is going to amaze you every time. Your kids will never forget seeing real live whales this close-up.

What Are You Waiting For?

Does this not sound like something the family would love to enjoy. A vacation at a beautiful all-inclusive resort with so many different things you can possibly do it’s mindblowing. We ensure you that this will be worth it for you and your family. Once you come once you will definitely come back for more.