Whale Watching In The Osa Pennusila

Costa Rica meaning Rich Coast when translated is known to be one of the most bio-diverse area’s on earth.  Since the late 90’s Costa Rica has become the most highly visited country in Central America with travelers coming from all over the world to witness one of Mother Natures finish works of art.

The government quickly recognized the value of tourism and remains committed to a constant improvement of its infrastructure. The Osa Peninsula has always been known for it’s concentrated abundance of wildlife but until recently has been less traveled than other parts of the country because it’s just been harder to get to. No more! The government has literally paved the way, completing a newly paved road from Chacarita to Puerto Jimenez. They finally connected the Osa to the main coastal highway that leads all the way from Quepos to Panama. Tourists can now enjoy a much safer passage to the Golfo Dulce, crossing the pass that until recently was very rugged and required patience and definitely a four-wheel drive vehicle.

The Whale Watching Experience

The Golfo Dulce is a large deep bay that divides the mainland from the Osa Peninsula. It’s mouth leads into the Pacific Ocean and is also the gateway to a most popular destination for the Humpback whale. These new improvements have provided better access for the incredible experiences of whale watching for the whale watching enthusiasts when traveling to the Osa. These whales travel for thousands of miles coming from both ends of the earth to reach the Golfo Dulce, where they have been instinctually traveling to for centuries to mate and to bare their young. Tourists can now venture out to the Osa and this highly concentrated area of whales, being able to see them first hand for several months out of the year. There are professionally guided all inclusive whale watching vacation packages that offer daily tours combined with other adventurous activities available in the Osa. If you are looking for a wildly adventurous whale watching experience and you want to be up close and in person with these incredibly magnificent whales. You will find them here in the Golfo Dulce. The Whale Resort is a 3.5-acre resort with two luxurious beachfront homes privately secluded on the shores of the Golfo Dulce. We offer all inclusive whale watching packages to accommodate  groups of up to 14 people. If your group is seeking an exclusive all-inclusive whale watching vacation, and you want to do it while vacationing in your own private resort with Five Star amenities, The Whale Resort offers the unique experience of renting your own private beachfront resort exclusively to your group only and guarantees the vacation of a lifetime!