Whale Watching


So your Costa Rica Vacation has started. As you travel the smooth warm sea at Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, one of the amazing things that would usually start your trip, is a large explosion and splash from the warm waters of the sea. And no, it’s nothing to worry about; it’s just the humpback whales saying hi and welcoming you and your friends.

Golfo Dulce is one of the best places for whale watching in Costa Rica. The Osa Peninsula is always the perfect spot for the longest humpback whale-watching season anywhere in the world. The humpback whale’s migration is split into 2 migrating seasons; one is from July through October and next would be from December through March.

Humpback whales would start their 3 months journey towards Golfo Dulce from the northern and southern hemispheres. These gentle whales would normally do this as an escape from the Orca Whales, their only natural predator that usually harms the baby humpback whales. Golfo Dulce, also known as “sweet water”, is known to be toxic for the Orca whales since it has a great amount of fresh water. Since Orca whales aren’t able to stay on these places, humpback whales would then consider the place as their safe haven especially for bearing their baby whales. Whale watching would just like be watching and observing these humpback whales from their homes.

Osa Peninsula is not only the home for Humpback whales, but also a large amount of different whale species open for watching whole year round. Whale watching enthusiasts from different parts of the world travel to this place to witness these whales living, mating and bearing their young.

In order to enjoy whale watching to the fullest, you would first need a perfect spot for you to stay. The Whale Resort is found in the Osa Peninsula and is built on the shores of the Golfo Dulce Bay itself. It’s like being neighbors with the humpback whales! Whale watching and visiting is an easy access. Plus we offer customizable vacation packages that would surely fit you and your friends’ needs during your stay and your visit with the whales.